The Belgian chocolate with a story

A fascinating story …

Jaak De Koninck, artist and painter since 1972, created in 1983 its own imaginary airline company "Starbrook Airlines".  A fantasy world where air hostesses, pilots and DC3's in warm aquarelles are coming alive.  His first exposition in 1983 in the Brussels theatre was the reason for a whole lot of television and radio shows.  The nostalgic atmosphere that his artwork evokes brings the imagination alive worldwide ... >>> READ ALL

In a retro style, stewardesses, pilots and airplanes evoke the style of the early 50’s aviation era.  All the packaging design developed by Jaak De Koninck in a creative aquarelle style is outstanding and totally different from what the traditional, somewhat conservative chocolate market is actually supplying. Such creative and innovative packaging deserves the highest quality Belgian chocolate and vice versa!